Architectural Firm H.U.M.

Company «HUM» was founded in April 2005. For already more than six years of operation, has established itself as a reliable design company that has built its reputation on successful projects of buildings and facilities and meet the needs of customers and partners.

From the point of view of the "traditional" approach to architectural design, product PE "HUM" is ready, necessary and sufficient for the construction and coordination, project documentation. But the company treats the concept of "design" is much broader: "Product of emergency" HUM "is thoughtful and embodied in the settlement and graphic form for the construction and operation of the facilities in accordance with the requirements to them functional, operational, economic, and regulatory requirements. "

Realizing that the architectural design of buildings (as intended, and in a constructive scheme) requires some specialized knowledge and experience, the company focuses on the release of a comprehensive project documentation for multiple similar in many ways, types of buildings:

  1. design of residential buildings
  2. design of office buildings
  3. design hotels
  4. design of shopping centers and complexes

Due to a slight period of the company, it can not yet boast a huge number of completed projects, but notes with pride that it was possible to design and implement such a short time, justified, and, often, and exceeded the expectations of the customer. Total designers was designed more than 155,000 m2 of various buildings (residential buildings, hotels, industrial facilities). The same number is now in operation.

We are constantly improving our technology architectural design of buildings and structures in the light of experience, advanced materials and technologies. Design of buildings and structures in our company is made using the latest software. All working at the company specialists have specialized education and constantly improve their knowledge. Receive training on new software products and methods of architectural design and construction.